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A little about me:

The photographer, and the guy behind the camera.

The photographer:

I have been shooting professionally since 2004; it’s been one of those passions that found me rather than me finding it. At this point, it’s something that I saw myself good at and eager to learn more. It started with friends, family, employees and my boss enjoying my work and me realizing “wow, this is something I love and people love my work too!” It didn’t stop there, people I didn’t know then started coming out telling me how much they enjoy seeing my work... at this point I knew I was onto something! I am a self-taught photographer and knew that I needed to KNOW my craft, like a painter needing to learn how to paint; I needed to learn the fundamentals of photography, not only composition, lighting and the rest but also how the equipment works. With me knowing how to technically handle situations, now out of habit, it allows me to be the guy behind the camera.

The guy behind the camera:

I separated this because I truly feel many people can press a button, technically or not, and get awesome shots. I have been very fortunate in my life to have a very strong family bond which has allowed me to connect to most people in a way that puts them at ease. My goal is to talk with you and to help you get comfortable. This way I can capture you as you are, not who you have been in front of a camera. We are all people and have things going on in our lives, whatever the stresses; good or bad, my goal is to make this a FUN experience and not a scary one. We, as people, are all deep and have many dimensions to us and I only have a short time to truly capture someone’s personality in this snapshot in time. That’s some of the story of the photographer and the guy behind the camera; and trust me, there is much more.

Take Care!
Michael Boyd


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