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September 2011

Shreveport, LA
Worth the Wait

September 2011
Bardstown, KY
Worth the Wait

This August, I went to my parents for a vacation to hang out and spend some much wanted time with them. While I was there we decided to jump on the "KY Bourbon Trail."  What it is; it's a tour of six of the Bourbon Distilleries in KY. Each one we learned something new and tasted something different; all that makes each of these whiskeys a Bourbon. Every Bourbon is a Whiskey, but not every whiskey is a Bourbon. Read more about the trail here...

This photo was taken at the Heaven Hill Distillery. This is at one of the MANY aging warehouses on this location. Each warehouse holds about 20,000 barrels. What's aging in these barrels you ask? Evan Williams.

I hope you enjoy!
Michael Boyd


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