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February 2011

Shreveport, LA
Railroading through the fog.

February 2011
Shreveport, LA

This photo was taken one night this month when we had really bad fog; I had been in the house nearly all day. Needing to get out I decided to take my pup for a drive. Once I walked outside, I saw how much fog was in my neighborhood and thought to myself... "Man, I've never taken pictures during fog, let me get my gear; JUST in case." I am glad that I did!

After driving around for a few, where I thought pictures may be cool, I pulled up to the Railroad tracks on Clyde Fant Parkway. It was foggy and pretty, no train. The city lights in Bossier, lighting through the fog, made for neat pics with the railroad bridge in the foreground. Then I moved my car to the other side of the tracks and took some photos; after about a minute, the train lights came on and it began to move slowly across the bridge. WHOO HOOO!! When I saw some of the images I captured I thought to myself, "wow... ... . . (I became speechless...) MICHAEL, STOP LOOKING and keep taking photos!!" So, I did!

And to think; I almost didn't take Clyde Fant.

I hope you enjoy!

Michael Boyd


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