2012 - Photo of the Month

January 2012
Feel the Warmth

February 2012
Takin' a long Peek

March 2012
Enjoying the Opportunity

April 2012
Beauty; even with age.

May 2012
Frozen Water, not what you expect.

June 2012
So much character.

July 2012
Skyline Panoramic

August 2012
A thousand words & laughs

September 2012
The Door

October 2012
What's on the other side?

2011 - Photo of the Month
January 2011
It was a wonderful White Christmas.

February 2011
Railroading through the fog.

March 2011
Mother Nature; wins.
April 2011
"How beautifully leaves grow old..."
May 2011
"Air is water with holes in it ''
June 2011
Computers and Photography
July 2011
Water Fountain

August 2011
Wedding Memories

September 2011
Worth the Wait

October 2011
"why is he taking a picture of our tractor?"

November 2011
Halloween Trick; no Treat.

December 2011
She Said Yes!!


2010 - Photo of the Month

January 2010
"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."
--Alice Walker

February 2010
Red Covered Bridge
Princeton, IL

March 2010
A Light Perspective

April 2010
A Starry Night

May 2010
"Here lizard lizard lizard..."

June 2010
The Moon over Little Rock, AR

July 2010
The peace of night after a rain.

August 2010
Macro Monopoly Puppy.

September 2010
Foxy... I had to.

October 2010
We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.
~Ben Sweetland

November 2010
Doe(s), a deer(s), a female deer(s) Ray, a drop of golden sun...

December 2010
Why can something ugly can be so pretty?


2009 - Photo of the Month

January 2009
Startin' 2009 a lil' Rusty.

February 2009
Just making pretty; prettier.

March 2009
If you look closely;
you may see people.

April 2009
April Fools!

April 2009
Just a little bit of Spring.

May 2009
What's the cord for...
and where's the screen?

June 2009
A look outside of the "box"

July 2009
An Independence Day Salute.
America over Moonlight

August 2009
The American Bald Eagle on display.

September 2009
A piece of Texas Street Past.

October 2009
Enjoy Louisiana!

November 2009
Hope you had a
Happy Halloween!

December 2009
Silence says so much.


2008 - Photo of the Month

January 2008
Turning over a new leaf...

February 2008
Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

March 2008

March 2008 - *Bonus*
It Snowed March, 7 2008 in Shreveport, LA

April 2008
I see you - Little Rock, AR
Little Rock Zoo

May 2008
Compact Fluorescent Lamp

June 2008

July 2008
Bridge - Monroe, LA

August 2008
LA-71 South

September 2008
Lady-Man Bug

October 2008
Hurricane Ike

November 2008

December 2008
A Window to the past

December 2008
Christmas Ornament
Merry Christmas!

2007 - Photo of the Month

June 2007
Shreveport, LA - Sunset

July 2007

August 2007

September 2007
St. Louis, MO

October 2007
Railroad Bridge

November 2007
Happy Thoughts

December 2007
Shreveport, LA
Church of Holy Cross

Special 2007
Terence Wolfe 1979-2007

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